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Many people have asked about Advanced Marketing Guru or simply put, AMG. So what is AMG? AMG stands for Advanced Marketing Guru. In our organization, we have both a matured guru as well as a young guru.

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Hi, thank you for taking some of your time to read about our story.

Our founder, Mr. Jeffrey has been in the web industry since his adolescent years. So let me start things off from the beginning years. In 1990, he started his humble beginning in the printing industry at the age of 25. Three years later, he moved on and ventured in to the IT industry after clinching a job with an IT firm, MNC.

From 1994 to 1997, he then moved to the media industry.

In 1997, our founder began developing web pages. Back in those days, the Internet was not as sophisticated as it is today. Internet bandwidth was relatively small and interaction between the user and the Internet was almost impossible. Development of a single image page alone could cost up to SGD 700 back then!

In 1999, he moved on from developing WebPages to the distribution line. He promoted palm and personal digital access (PDA) & Mac accessories. At that time, he looked into using the Internet to do business on an international scale, thereby becoming very fluent in the field of ecommerce as well as the payment gateway. With that, he had the opportunity to commit numerous transactions for many companies both locally and overseas.

In 2004, after working with numerous retails companies and understand their pains and woes. And also his love for shopping and traveling around the whole world, he was able to observe the service standards and procedures in other countries. Mr. Jeffrey decided to publish his own book “Retail With Success” in hoping that it will enlighten several retail sales associates and enable them to help Singapore in realizing their goal of obtaining better service standards.

However, the unfortunate event of SARS to cause his business to decline. Thus, our founder decided to redirect his focus to encompass a wider international market. In that, he was also able to hone his commerce and marketing skills. The biggest transaction that he managed to clinch was on PayPal with an exchange of USD 9,999. (Not more because that was the maximum limit on PayPal back then).

From 2005 to 2006, he was trained by Joe Han, a Singapore Internet marketing guru.

In 2006, he took lessons under Derek Gehi, a trainer from Canada and Mike Filsaime from United States.

Close to the mid of 2008, the financial crisis hits the whole world and he was not spared. He restructured his business model and felt the need to do something to help his business.

Our founder, together with his team, develops Internet marketing program as it has always been his passion to help other companies to improve the sales of their businesses.

Till now, our founder is still very active in the Internet marketing domain and constantly sends his team to courses so that they keep up with the industry standards.

Our founder is a strong believer that sales and marketing is an Art.

Today, we serve and help companies using Internet marketing to improve their businesses.

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